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❓ Troubleshooting

The Continue VS Code extension is currently in beta, and the Intellij extension is in Alpha. If you are having trouble, please follow the steps below.

Check the logs

To solve many problems, the first step is reading the logs to find the relevant error message. To do this, follow these steps:

VS Code

Console logs

  1. cmd+shift+p (MacOS) / ctrl+shift+p (Windows)
  2. Search for and then select "Developer: Toggle Developer Tools"
  3. This will open the Chrome DevTools window
  4. Select the Console tab
  5. Read the console logs

LLM prompt logs

If you're getting a response from the LLM that doesn't seem to make sense, you can

  1. Open the "Output" panel (right next to the terminal)
  2. In the dropdown, select "Continue - LLM Prompts/Completions
  3. View the exact prompts that were sent to the LLM and the completions recieved


Open ~/.continue/core.log. The most recent logs are found at the bottom of the file.

Networking Issues

Configure Certificates

If you're seeing a fetch failed error and your network requires custom certificates, you will need to configure them in config.json. In each of the objects in the "models" array, add requestOptions.caBundlePath like this:

"models": [
"title": "My Model",
"requestOptions": {
"caBundlePath": "/path/to/cert.pem"

You may also set requestOptions.caBundlePath to an array of paths to multiple certificates.

VS Code Proxy Settings

If you are using VS Code and require requests to be made through a proxy, you are likely already set up through VS Code's Proxy Server Support. To double-check that this is enabled, use cmd/ctrl+, to open settings and search for "Proxy Support". Unless it is set to "off", then VS Code is responsible for making the request to the proxy.


Continue can be used in code-server, but if you are running across an error in the logs that includes "This is likely because the editor is not running in a secure context", please see their documentation on securely exposing code-server.

Download the latest pre-release

We are constantly making fixes and improvements to Continue, but the latest changes remain in a "pre-release" version for roughly a week so that we can test their stability. If you are experiencing issues, you can try the pre-release by going to the Continue extension page in VS Code and selecting "Switch to Pre-Release" as shown below.


Download an Older Version

If you've tried everything, reported an error, know that a previous version was working for you, and are waiting to hear back, you can try downloading an older version of the extension.

For VS Code, All versions are hosted on the Open VSX Registry here. Once you've downloaded the extension, which will be a .vsix file, you can install it manually by following the instructions here.

You can find older versions of the JetBrains extension on their marketplace, which will walk you through installing from disk.

Still having trouble?

Create a GitHub issue here, leaving the details of your problem, and we'll be able to more quickly help you out.